Saturday, April 14, 2012

Article #7894 - Nintendo Game & Watch - Mario Bros.

Today's item is something really cool. Essentially, it's the original Nintendo Game Boy DS - The Nintendo Game & Watch with the game Mario Bros.

This thing is really cool... and really difficult to play. It's a little LCD game that's totally unlike any other Mario game that exists.

Basically, you control both Mario and Luigi, and the goal is to place boxes on the conveyor belts with Mario on the right screen and then collect them with Luigi on the left screen. You keep putting them up a level on the until you get to the top, then you store them in a truck on Luigi's side.

It keeps going faster and faster until your brain can't handle it much longer and then you go crazy and you start screaming and throwing it around and stomping around the house shoving your fists through windows until your arms are a shredded mess of flesh and bones!!

At least that's what happens to me when I play this thing.

It's an interesting little game system. It's probably the first portable Nintendo game and was definitely the original idea for the Game Boy DS and its Dual Screen technology.

Although, I find this game much more brain meltingly evil than any Game Boy DS game.

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Also, I just realized that this is, by far, the most un-colorful and ugly blog I have ever posted. I feel like I deserve an award.

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