Sunday, December 25, 2011

Record #3456 - Disco for Kids

Today's record is the freakishly funkalicious album, Disco for Kids! Now, I never really realized it till now, but almost all disco music is completely ridiculous.

I'm kidding. Obviously it's all ridiculous. Case in point - The Village People.

In 1977, disco was king. Forget punk rock. It's all about the disco, baby! YEAH!

I mean, disco was so dang popular, they even made a disco version of the Star Wars theme, and yes, just as you imagined, it is the 3rd or 4th greatest song ever recorded.

Don't believe me? Well, then you are denial and must check out the video below.


Okay, so it's not that great, but hey, it's fun!

Anyways, disco = big in the mid-70s.

Got that? Good. Now, onto the bloggery stuff.

Disco for Kids is, in one word, MAGNIFICENT. It has some of the greatest non-disco-but-categorically-described-as-disco music ever recorded, PLUS an instructional guide for dance moves! DANCE MOVES, CHARLIE! (I don't know who Charlie is, I just felt like saying that)

I don't know about you, but I have wanted to learn how to do the Knock Knee Bump since the beginning of time, and you know what? Thanks to this album, NOW I CAN! This is what America is all about, people.

Besides the great vaugely disco-ish music, my favorite thing about this record is Al Dana's nightmarish narration.

One word -- CLAP.

I honestly don't think I have ever heard anything more creepy.

One cool thing about this album, is that on Side A you have the songs with the narration teaching you the dance moves, but Side B contains all the instrumental versions of the songs! It's totally perfect for your junior high school's talent show! Ohhhh yeah!

I think my favorite track may be Slow Stomp (aka I've Got a Feeling) mostly because of the way he says "AND THE CHICKEN!" and "SIDE!" and that krazy keyboard riff. Oh, come on. You know you love it.

So, that's Disco for Kids! I've included the instructional booklet for you in the file as well. There's no need to thank me, just say a silent prayer to G√ľnter, the Disco King, and all will be well with the Lloyd.

Download Disco for Kids, HERE.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Kenner Give-a-Show Slide Collection (part 10 of 16)


...I'm sorry for yelling at you, I just got excited.

Today's slide comic features that devilish dude, Yosemite Sam in "Out of my Mine". HA! I get it!

As we begin this magical tale, we see that Yosemite Sam is buying a gold mine from the cool cowboy with the inverted cow print vest. Awesome. Someone should buy me one of those.

After receiving the money from Sam, the devilishly cool cowboy counts his money. "Haw, haw!" Uh, oh… something bad is about to happen, I can just feel it.


Cut to: 3 Months Later


Yosemite Sam realizes he's been hoodwinked! Well, it's about time. Yeesh. Three months and nothing? Come on, Sam. Get with the program.


Sam's so angry, he decides to shoot at the ground, because it can't shoot back.

"Oil! More durned bad luck!" Womp womp womp wommmmmmmmp…

Wait… OIL?! How the hell is that "durned bad luck"?! I mean, HE'S FREAKIN' RICH!! Ugh… I need to stop overanalyzing these things.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Record #1970 - Paul Frees and the Poster People

Today's record is the musical/comedy album Paul Frees and the Poster People by the grooviest ghost host in the galaxy, Paul Frees! (Thank you, Captain Obvious)

Paul Frees was an amazing voice-over (and sometimes screen) actor who got his start, like most people of that time, in radio. He did a lot of announcing and narration, as well as voices on tons of anthology shows. He was excellent at impersonations (as you'll hear later), and was called on to do dubbing for certain films, sometimes completely replacing the whole dialogue!

He worked for most of the big studios, most famously doing the voice of Boris Badenov on Rocky & Bullwinkle, but his talents were utilized most often by Disney. He did voices for their films and TV shows, narrating the Man in Space series, The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca, and he also created the voice of Professor Ludwig Von Drake!

Disney Imagineering seems to love his voice, since he can be heard in pretty much every single early Disney attraction. He did voices for The Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, Adventure Thru Inner Space (MAGNIFICATION), and his most popular, and my favorite, the Ghost Host of The Haunted Mansion.

He did write and direct one film himself -- "The Beatniks". It's… um… not very good… BUT it is entertaining enough to have been featured on one of the best episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so it's got that going for it!

Now, on to the record!

What makes this record awesome to me, is that it includes two things that I love immensely -- 60s pop music and crazy celebrity impersonations. YES!

The whole thing is fun to listen to, but the highlights for me are definitely the W.C. Fields version of "Mama Told Me Not To Come", the Sidney Greenstreet version of "Sugar, Sugar" (like, the best song EVER), and the Peter Lorre version of "Hey Jude".

If you can't find this fun, then you obviously have no soul.

Now, if Iris will finally shut up, give it a listen, and enjoy Paul Frees and the Poster People!

Download the album HERE.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Article #32125 & 6 - The Darkwing Duck Scripts (Part 3 of 4) & Storybook

I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the script-owning scourge that squeegees my way into your soul! I am.... DARKWIIIIINNNNGGG DUCK!

Well, not really, but that was my half-assed attempt at being as awesome as the Darkwing Duck writers. Anywhoo, welcome to part THREE of my collection of Darkwing Duck scripts!

Today's script is entitled "Dirty Money" and features one of the rarest (and strangest) Darkwing Duck villains ever - the F.O.W.L. neat freak, Ammonia Pine. Puns are awesome.

In this episode, the evil Ammonia Pine (who turned to evil after "an accident with an experimental bathroom disinfectant") is breaking into banks, literally cleaning out the vaults by removing the ink off the dollar bills. Oh, and not even 10 pages in, and she sucks the head of S.H.U.S.H., J. Gander Hooter, up into her vacuum. I love it.

This, of course, leaves Gryzlikoff in charge, annoying Darkwing to no end - especially when Gryzlikoff runs him through an insane amount of "training". Cue the hilarious sitcom-type humor!

This episode was also turned into a kid's storybook, which I also own... obviously. The book has the slightly, yet completely different title of "Clean Money". Freakin' genius.

You can download the PDF of the "Dirty Money" script HERE.

This episode is available on Vol. 1 of the Darkwing Duck DVDs, ooooorrrrrrrrr you can watch it below!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Kenner Give-a-Show Slide Collection (part 9 of 16)

Well, here we are at part 9 of the creeptastic Kenner Give-a-Show slide comics, and I don't know how much more of these crappy comics I can take, but hey, let's give it a shot.

Today's kooky knee-slapper features those cageless crows Heckle & Jeckle in the punariffic parable "Nothing to Crow About". Oh, fun.

As our story opens, we find our brainless bird buddies shooting a cannon straight up in the air (oh boy, here we go again…) "so no one gets hurt". Makes sense, I guess. PTHOOM!

KLONK! The cannonball has fallen from the sky and narrowly missed the dastardly dog pirate, whom I shall name Dogbeard. Huh. Guess it didn't make as much sense as I thought. Oh, well.

In the next panel, our fabulous fiend Dogbeard has tied up those foolhardy fowls, forcing them to walk the plank, and shakes his sword at them. Good riddance, I say.

SPLOOSH! Apparently Dogbeard and I are on the same page, as evidenced by his sentiment.

We are suddenly teleported to a desert island, where Dogbeard and his pirate pals are preparing to plunder some precious piratey prizes! (Um, I mean they're going to dig for treasure… duh)

As the red light of the sun beats upon their doggy back, HEAVE HO! WE'RE RICH! They have dug up a treasure chest! Don't get too much sweat on there, Dogbeard.

Oh me oh my, Heckle & Jeckle are in the treasure chest. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Nope, didn't see that coming. I mean, really. Wow. I am shocked. I just don't know how this could have happened. My mind is blown. Just, wow.


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Magazine #1975 - In The Know (January 1976)

Today we've got everybody's favorite random and completely unheard of magazine In The Know's issue for January 1976, featuring a Special Report on The 18 Most Important Celebrities of 1975! "Far out!", as John Denver might say.

As you can see, they've included lots of "important" celebrities up there on the cover. There's James Caan, Henry Kissinger, Cher, Robert Redford, Gerald and Betty Ford, Warren "Ishtar/Shampoo" Beatty, and, my favorite two, Patty Hearst and Jaws the Shark. As you all know, the exploits of Jaws and Patty Hearst are the reason why we made it through the 70's. All the mainstream History books leave that part out, for some unknown reason.

This is a pretty fun magazine, and besides the cover article, there's a few really interesting Beach Boys related articles, one including some groovy backstage pictures of them on tour. Another article is about the (annoying) Captain and Tennille, who started out as back-up vocalists for the Beach Boys. Lastly, there's an article about Stan Love, the 6' 9" basketball playing brother of Mike Love. On a related note, Mike Love is a stupid McJerkypants-Butt.

Moving on...

There's also a section in this magazine where certain celebrities talk about what Christmas is to them, including a tiny anecdote by comedy god Groucho Marx.

Another part of the Christmas section asks certain 70's super celebrities what they want for Christmas. My personal favorite comes from Pat Loud, the mom from An American Family - the first "reality show"/greatest 12-part documentary ever made.

The only thing that could have made that any better was if she used the word "cesspool". Oh well...

Of course all of these articles are pretty important to humanity, but the one that most epitomizes the everlasting fight against the Communists is this article...

YES!! BELLY DANCING!! You can't go wrong with Melaina Blume, the US Belly Dancing Champion of 1975. She is belly dancing for your freedom! AMERICA! Oh, how I love it.

And that, my friends, is the In The Know magazine for January 1976. In my experience, I find that it's always a good idea to know what was most important exactly 31 years ago. Especially if that 31 years ago was 1975.

Enjoy, and please try not to forget the 1970's. They obviously were the greatest decade in human history.

Download the In The Know magazine HERE.

Oh, and don't forget to visit In The Know magazine's crazy awesome and super futuristic website!