Thursday, March 4, 2010

Article #696 - The Phantom Mullet

Yeah, OK. So I'm lame. Didn't post in a couple weeks. Big whoop. I'm sorry. Geez. Get off my case already.

Anyways, this article is actually something that I created back in 10th grade art class. Our awesome art teacher who was a Norwegian Simon Pegg lookalike gave us the assignment of creating a piece that included the actual English word of what we were creating somewhere in the piece. Now, if I was a regular person, I would have chosen some sort of cheap way out, like "car", or "banana", or "government issue". But no, I chose "mullet". For reasons of cheap teenage tomfoolery, I chose to also include in his headband the logo of Five Iron Frenzy, the greatest ska band ever, whose beautiful ode to Rowsdower-esque hairstyles everywhere, "The Phantom Mullet" inspired this piece.

Apparently, my art teacher liked it, as he placed it on display in the hallway of the History Building for all to see, which, as you all know, is second only to getting your art displayed in your local grandmother's house.