Sunday, January 30, 2011

Article #908 - The "Beatnick" Cigarette Holder

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm lazy.

Now, onto the blogging...

If I smoked, this would be the single most important item in my whole collection.

When I spend time in costume stores, there's no telling what I will come out with.

Near my house, there is a ginormous warehouse of costume supplies called "Robinson Beautilities". It is very easy to get lost in the piles of clip-on earrings, fake moustaches (a personal favorite), and prosthetic noses.

One day, while diving through the clearance section, I found what might be possibly be the coolest thing I own.

Now, as much as I love those rascally Dalmatians, the evil, monochrome-haired Cruella de Vil has always been a personal hero of mine. You know, minus the whole slaughtering house trained animals for her own amusement (and wardrobe). So, naturally when I saw this "Beatnick" Cigarette Holder, I squealed with delight.

This is also one of those items where I don't know if I love the actual item, or the packaging more.

"Oh' man it's AWAY out!". It literally does not get better than that.

I leave you know with the single greatest song ever written/performed about smoking.

Oh, and here's a public domain movie about beatniks directed by Paul Frees (the voice of Boris Badenov), ingeniously entitled, The Beatniks.