Sunday, July 4, 2010

Record #93 - The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Dinosaur 12" Record

I've got too many weird/random records, but this one takes the cake.

I have a theory that all record stores have a "Less Than $5" section just to entice me and make me spend even more money that I don't have on records that have no particular use whatsoever.

Oh well.

So, this is the "Walk the Dinosaur" single from the film epic Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, officially one of the worst movies of all time. Of course, like all movies of the early 1990's, the soundtrack includes a song by the Divynls, Joe Satriani, and Marky Mark. But of course, the one stand-out track was the only song ever recorded by The Goombas and George Clinton - a cover of the Was (Not Was) song, "Walk the Dinosaur".

I never liked the song. Ugh. "Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur". Yeah, sure.

For no reason whatsoever, Columbia Records decided that this lovely song deserved a single release, on a Dinosaur shaped 12" record. And here it is.

Obviously, the best thing about this record is that it's shaped like a dinosaur. That's it. The song sucks, and the fact that there's a remix edit on the B-Side makes it suck even more.

Unsurprisingly, this thing is super hard to find. In fact, I couldn't find reference to it anywhere on the internet.

If you so desire, you can download it HERE.

Enjoy, I guess.