Monday, November 14, 2011

The Kenner Give-a-Show Slide Collection (part 7 of 16)

Today's crantabulous crapfest is part 7 in our confounded collection of the Kenner Give-a-Show comic slides!

This installment features that creepy but cuddly clown, Bozo the Clown, in the crazy conundrum, "Cool Idea". Oh yeah, this is going to be awesome.

In this week's fantastic fable, a little lion tamer looks on as the big burly leopard leotarded man calls on Bozo for help! The polar bear is loose!

Oh dear God, NO!

In the next panel, we see, what I assume is to be the aforementioned polar bear. He is apparently trying, and failing miserably, to hang himself from the rope of flags. (RIP)

Now, I don't know about you, but that has to be the most God-awfully ugly polar bear I have ever seen.

Next, our freakish friends (big burly leopard leotarded man, tiny top hat guy, and Bozo) huddle together, pondering how they are going to get that pesky polar bear back in his cage.

When suddenly -- BOZO'S GOT AN IDEA!!

Then, for some unknown reason, the polar bear rushes back into his cage, leaving big burly leopard leotarded man and tiny top hat guy gawking in amazement! (ZIP)

As question marks explode from their heads, the other three circus workers question the quirky harlequin on how he got the polar bear back in his cage.

He bribed him with a Strawberry ice cream ice-berg!

Oh my, that is funny.

I really am laughing here.

Oh dear, I've got the giggles.

And that's what we call "silly humor".

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