Sunday, May 23, 2010

Articles #722 & 456- The Pac-Man Items

So, apparently it's the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man. Now, I've been alive for almost 24 of those years and I think it's about time someone gets me one of those tabletop Ms. Pac-Man machines. Dagnabit.

Anywhoo, thanks to the popularity of the Pac-Man video game, we got some good and... well, not so good Pac-Man memorabilia. From magnets, to band-aids, to belt buckles, to energy drinks, to cereal, to Christmas Comes To PacLand (the second-worst Christmas special of all time) -- there's way too much to count.

Now, I COULD give you Buckner & Garcia's masterpiece, "Pac-Man Fever" 45 and be done with it, but that'd be too easy.

Nope, instead I'm gonna share with you my two favorite Pac-Man items that I own.

First, we have the stuffed Pac-Man. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't remember Pac-Man having hands, arms, feet, legs, a torso, a t-shirt, or eyes. Oh well.


Here we have the Pac-Man Fever tract from your friends at "Jews F✡r Jesus". Luckily for us "boys & girls, moms & dads, punks & all-Americans", even if we do play Pac-Man, Jesus will allow us into Heaven! Because after all, if we make a pact with God, we will be a Pact-Man. Get it?!? Oh puns, how I love thee.

Oh, and the fact that they use the words "fresser" and "notorious noshers" makes me wayyyyy too happy.

Okay, I couldn't help it.

Here's the "Pac-Man Fever" 45.


Download it free, HERE.

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