Monday, May 27, 2013

Rip Taylor's Dramatic Reel

No, I'm not kidding. This thing is real. My awesome boss, Phillip, at the greatest video store in the universe, CineFile Video, discovered this amazing VHS. And boy oh boy, do I thank him for it.

So, apparently after appearing in such dramatic masterpieces as Indecent Proposal and Wayne's World 2, Rip Taylor decided he wanted to be the next Rip Torn and become a dramatic Oscar® caliber actor. And of course, to show off his acting chops, they cut together this videotape compilation of his best dramatic work.

Weirdly enough, this tape starts with Rip in a Dr. Pepper commercial, where he screams and giggles at us about winning $100,000 or a "nostalgic Dr. Pepper mini-truck", or an "exciting 1985 Buick Century". Groovy.

Of course the tape also includes the aforementioned toupĂ©e-less scene from Indecent Proposal (which disappointingly doesn't consist of him throwing confetti at Robert Redford), as well as another hairless scene from some weird short lived 90s TV series called Johnny Bago with Denise Crosby, where Rip Taylor plays the wannabe game show host mayor of some creepy town.

Then it cuts to the most schizophrenically disturbing commercial for adult survivors of child abuse I've ever seen. AND THEN, a weird-ass clip from an infomercial for the Psychic Friends Network where Rip implores you to finally do something for yourself, and call the Psychic Friends Network... NOW!!

And of course, since we started with some funny, we must end with funny — so the tape ends with a clip from Rip's live comedy show where he tells a terrible joke about Bill Clinton having sex with a doberman. Thank you, Jesus.

Check it out below!

Well, that's it. That is the "dramatic reel" of the great Rip Taylor.


It sure is.

And if you thought that was great, check out the back of the VHS box where it proclaims all the awesomeness that is Rip Taylor.


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  1. Whatever pays the confetti bills, right? I actually love old Rip Taylor. You have to give him credit; he's still out there working his butt off! Thanks for sharing this!