Thursday, February 4, 2010

Article #1121 - The "John Stamos T-Shirt"

The television show Full House, described in a technical matter as 1/3 grilled cheese, 1/3 one of those packets of the powdery cheese substance from Kraft® Mac & Cheese, and 1/3 double cheese pizza with stuffed crust (you eat it backwards, just like Ringo!) all dipped into a fondue bowl full of cheese, is one of the most popular yet lamest television shows ever created. Although, as we all know, a few inherently evil things did come of that show (Uncle Joey's Bullwinkle impression, San Francisco, the Olsen Twins), one great speck of genius did rise out of the ashes. Of course, I speak of the one and only John Stamos - Uncle Jesse, and his rock band "Jesse and The Rippers".

Sadly, when the show was canceled in 1995, "Jesse and The Rippers" were never heard from again. I thought all was lost, less for a few choice episodes in syndication and on DVD until I stumbled upon this...

Luckily for me, a 14 year old girl in 1992 with a color printer and some iron-on paper created this t-shirt, decided she didn't like it, threw it into her closet, and donated it to Goodwill 17 years later.

I may be $3 poorer, but the eternal smiles this shirt gives me every time I open my closet are priceless.

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  1. this is better than my Sanchez Family Reunion shirt and my two Dare shirts i found in thrift stores combined